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Q. I already have an indexing system up and running and my files are already in boxes. Do I need to change anything for them to be stored?

A. No DataGuard will adopt your existing indexing system and leave your files in their existing boxes

Q. Am I still the legal owner of the files?

A. Yes all files remain the property of the client

Q. How am I guaranteed that the integrity of my documents will not be compromised?

A. Your documents are protected from the point of handing them to us with our closely monitored chain of custody arrangement and securely monitored in our facility by CCTV surveillance and patrolled with 24 hours security

Q. Can I track the movement of my boxes till they arrive at your warehouse?

A. Our vehicles are fitted with CCTV and GPS trackers which allows both you and our centre monitor the movement of the boxes real time until they arrive at our facility.

Q. What Unique identity is given to the boxes to prevent mix-up at your facility?

A. The boxes are fitted with a unique bar code label catalogued with all the information about the boxes such as your name, record number, a description of the box contents and its storage location at the Management Centre

Q. Will details of my documents be kept confidential?

A. Yes, all members of staff of DataGuard are bound by a confidentiality agreement to ensure strict confidentiality with client documents

Q. Can I access my inventory at any time with the company?

A. Yes, our dedicated online client portal allows you monitor your inventory anytime

Q. Can I come for a tour of your facility? 

A. Yes, Kindly contact us to schedule a tour of the facility

Q. Do a box retrieval or pick up?

A. Requests can be made either online, via any of our electronic platforms

Q. How long will it take for a box retrieval?

A. All files are returned within 24 hours.

Q. Would there be an audit trail after delivery of the boxes?

A. Yes, with the aid of our hand held barcode scanner we can provide an audit trail of what items were delivered, who delivered the items, the time they were delivered and the person who received them

Q. Can I arrange to visit your site to view documents?

A. Yes, DataGuard will arrange for a quiet room to be set up where you can view on site at no charge at all

Q. Is there an option to scan me copies of a document in a file?

A. Yes, we offer scan on demand services for our clients

Q. After scanning, where are my scanned documents saved?

A. Your Scanned documents are saved on our dedicated file servers to allow for easy retrieval upon request

Q. Would I be notified before the destruction due date of my documents?

A. Yes, a notification will be sent out a month before the due date for destruction of your documents

Q. How would the destroyed materials be disposed?

A. All destroyed materials will be recycled as part of our commitment to safeguarding the environment

Q. What proof do I have that the documents have been destroyed?

A. A certificate of destruction will be issued as proof that your documents have been destroyed

Q. Can I order boxes from DataGuard?

A. Yes, boxes can be ordered online or via any of our other electronic platforms

Q. What are your box sizes and capacity?

A. Our standard archive boxes measure 395mmW*320mmL*270mmH with Strong triple wall sides to withstand temporary stacking up to 6 high and long term storage 3 high and can bear weights of between 17kg -20kg

Q. How do I fold the storage boxes?

A. Click here to see how