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The most successful business owners are masters at navigating risk. As good leaders take steps to limit risk, success is often based on taking some calculated risks. How we approach risk is based on the value we place on certain items. Unfortunately, some of the most risky decisions are made with regards to how business records are stored.

Box of paper records has seemingly little value. It needs to be kept for a certain period of time, may be rarely, if ever accessed, and essentially sits untouched for months or years. With this in mind, some of the most risky business decisions are made with regards to how business records are stored. Many business owners will seek the perceived lowest cost solution for storing their documents and files, and as a result, self-storage units across the country are filled with critical, confidential business information.

This brings us back to risk and value — paper documents are much more valuable than the paper on which they’re printed. In fact, hardcopy files can be comprised of some of the most valuable business assets of an organization: confidential proprietary data, trade secrets, and even private shareholder information. As a result, business documents should be stored in an environment that eliminates any potential risk.

Self-storage units simply do not provide such an environment. Most self-storage units are loosely monitored and widely accessed. This represents the potential for theft of any business document stored within their confines. Along the same lines, self-storage facilities are not conducive to the long term preservation of archival business documents. Since these units often provide no better protection than an attic or basement environment, business records can easily become damaged or destroyed.

To alleviate these risks, business records should be stored in a facility designated specifically for document storage and managed by a professional records and information management company.

DataGuard provides that secure environment you need.

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When your company partners with a secure shredding service that offers a certified shredding and recycling program, you’re getting the best of both worlds; you’re supporting the environment as a good corporate citizen without compromising your corporate confidentiality and security

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Every business has documents that need scanning. Some businesses especially big businesses have literally thousands of documents that need scanning. These are usually always very important and every business needs backups of these documents. The obvious solution to this is to scan those documents so there are backups. However, your typical scanner won’t cut it. What you need is a professional scanning business that can handle scanning thousands of important documents and securing them.

The fact that a typical scanner can’t handle these demands is just one reason why businesses should use professional scanning services.

Professional scanning services are the best option for businesses that want to scan thousands of documents off-site and safely.

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